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Investor´s management and strategy

Management consultancy, PPP Project Management and Strategy (private partner)

Elaboration of manuals, internal procedures and PPP market research and screening to give support to business opportunity analysis, bid submittals and investment executions by the private partner, such as:

  • Manuals of analysis and management of risks in PPP contracts.
  • Procedures of investment analysis.
  • Procedures of bid preparation and tender management.
  • Organization of PMO (Project Management Offices).
  • Set up of concession companies.
  • Screening of PPP country frameworks and pipelines


Procedures and standards of investment analysis and implementation of investments of FondICO Infraestructuras (for ICO/AXIS) (personal experience of our CEO)

Procedures / guidelines for the setting up of the financial function of a new PPP Project (for CAF investment projects)

PPP Market analysis of Ecuador for one Spanish transportation leader