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Publishing and production of specialized papers and books

An important part of our goals and mission is to produce specialized publications, disseminating knowledge by means of manuals and specialized papers, either as our own initiative or under request or sponsorship.


Analysis of the PPP Central Units of the LAC region (for IDB)

Contract Management good practice and possible pitfalls in LAC region (for IDB, personal experience of our CEO)

Policy paper on PPP Project Failures (commissioned by EBRD): Analysis of causes and factors of project failures with a focus in lack of preparation, in transportation projects in Europe

The PPP Certification Program Guide (for APMG, personal experience of our CEO)

Publication of a set of books on “the Spanish experience in PPP” (commissioned by IDB, personal experience of our CEO)

Review and improvement of the Urban Rail Guidebook by WB. Review and improvement of chapters of the urban railways manual dedicated or related to PPPs (personal experience of our CEO)