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PPP Training:

K-infra offers the best training about the CP3P certification program as well as customized PPP trainings, both for governments and companies.

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P©)

We are an entity accredited as ATO (Acredited Training Organisation) by APMG to provide training around the PPP Certification Program, with the objective of obtaining the title of Certified PPP Professional (CP3P©), and to take the exams corresponding to each of its three levels (Foundation, Preparation and Execution).

PPP Focused training and customized training

K-infra offers a proprietary program with a series of specialization courses or “focused courses” in different aspects of PPP project analysis and management.

These courses are offered in open mode (for individuals and small groups) as well as in-house (for exclusive groups), in the latter case with the possibility of adjusting the syllabus on an ad-hoc basis.

In addition, K-infra delivers customized training on any relevant area of PPP management both to governments and companies.